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SKU: DRA89756
€737.95 inc. VAT
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Draper Electricians Tool Kit (DTKELEC)

Comprehensive kit with robust lacquered sheet steel four tray cantilever tool box size 530 x 200 x 210mm.

1 x Safety spectacles
1 x Brick bolster with hand guard
1 x Junior hacksaw blades
1 x Retractable trimming knife
1 x Roll of black insulation tape
1 x Cold chisel with hand guard
1 x Flat wood bit set
1 x Claw hammer
1 x Holesaw kit
1 x Combined HSS and masonry drill set
1 x Hacksaw frame and two bi - metal blades
1 x Ratchet crimping tool
1 x Terminal assortment
1 x Precision screwdriver set
1 x Hickory shaft club hammer
1 x Adjustable wrench
1 x 7.5M/25ft measuring tape
1 x Assorted nylon cable tie pack
1 x Socket and bit set with flexible shaft driver
1 x VDE approved euro mains tester
1 x Digital multimeter
1 x Combined metal
1 x voltage and stud detector
1 x Head lamp
1 x Floorboard saw
1 x Electricians pocket knife
1 x Soft grip hardpoint plasterboard saw
1 x VDE approved fully insulated wire stripping pliers
1 x VDE approved fully insulated waterpump pliers
1 x Mini saw with powder coated frame
1 x Boat level
1 x VDE approved fully insulated pliers and screwdriver set
1 x Soldering kit
1 x Heavy duty rubber torch
1 x Bevel edge wood chisel set
1 x Engineers file set
1 x Carpenters awl

Draper Tools reserves the right to substitute items in the kit of equivalent finish or quality if the original item quoted in the above list has been discontinued or is out of stock.

Please allow up to 10 days for delivery

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