Home & Garden

Discover our extensive selection of home and garden tools at Toolforce, featuring top brands like Milwaukee Tools, DeWalt, and Makita. Our range also includes budget-friendly options from Einhell, Draper Tools, and Sealey Tools, ensuring you have everything you need to keep your garden in great shape.

Our garden power tools range from powerful battery chainsaws, to robust cordless strimmers to trim long grass, Battery sprayers to apply chemicals and spreaders for seeds and fertiliser.

Our hedge trimmers, including cordless hedge trimmers, shrub trimmers, and cordless pruning saws are designed to help you keep your hedges and shrubs well-maintained. We also stock leaf blowers to make clearing debris from your garden easy.

Our DeWalt garden multi-tools and battery garden multi-tools cater to variety of gardening tasks.

For those in need of lawn care equipment, our selection of lawn mowers, including cheap lawn mowers and garden mowers, ensures you can keep your lawn looking pristine. We also offer mowing machines and battery-powered options like cordless garden multi-tools and battery hedge trimmers for added convenience and flexibility. Our wide range of water hoses and hose attachments mean you'll always be able to water your plants.

Our garden hand tools are perfect for garden work. From garden rakes to hand cultivators and garden weeders, we offer a variety of tools to help you maintain your plants and soil. Explore our range of garden cultivators and hand cultivator tools. 

For larger tasks, our garden cutters, garden loppers, and garden snips make trimming and pruning easy.