A bad workman blames his tools, but a good workman knows how much easier life is with a good one.

That is why here at Tool Force, we only stock the best workshop woodworking tools Ireland has available. These professional woodworking tools are essential to any woodworking workshop whether you're professional craftsmen, carpenter, or DIY enthusiast.

Popular woodwork tools we sell include Morticers for precise hole drilling, Bandsaws for smooth and accurate cutting on irregular shapes, Belt Sanders for removing marks and preparing for coating, Log Splitters, Wood Lathes for crafting spindles and other items with the utmost control, and Disc Sanders. We also sell a range of Woodworking hand tools which you can find in our Hand Tools section here, including Clamps, Tenon Saws, Knives, Levels, Planes, Wood Chisels, rasps, pens, and pencils for marking timber. You can find our cordless woodworking power tools in our power tool section.

Our heavy industrial woodworking tools are available with nationwide shipping anywhere in Ireland. These are the best woodworking tools for making furniture, for precision wood carving or for other odd carpentry jobs you might want to do.

Our collection caters to all your woodworking needs, whether you're a professional carpenter or a hobbyist craftsman preparing for their next project.