TuffStuff Workwear

Tool Force brings you TuffStuff’s robust workwear, blending tough fabrics with comfort and style. Our wide selection guarantees quality and value. From work trousers to waterproof outerwear, and safety footwear to hoodies, we’ve got you covered. With options like stretch, site, and hi-vis trousers, we ensure visibility and comfort on the job.

Tuff stuff work trousers are known for their hard-wearing and rugged build, their stretch, and the comfortable materials, so you will be able to work more freely without having to worry about the rigors of the worksite being too much for them. At Toolforce, we have one of the best ranges of work trousers Ireland has to offer.

Our stylish range of Tuff Stuff men's work t-shirts are just as robust - they boast extra stretch on the shoulders for a more comfortable fit, and a breathable cotton blend for maximum breathability.

We have a range of great value work boots in brown and black, with varying styles such as hiking boot styles and dealer boot styles, with hard toe caps.

Tuff Stuff are a leading light in mens workwear, however it is relatively cheap workwear considering the high-quality they offer. check out our range of excellent value work pants, hoodies, and waterproof workwear and get free shipping to anywhere in Ireland on Tool Force once you have over €100 in your cart.