Sealey Hand Tools

Sealey offer a lifetime warranty on their impressive range of high-quality hand tools and tool kits with a variety of ranges from Sealey Premier hand tools to Siegen hand tools.

Sealey are renowned for its sockets sets. They manufacture specialised automotive and impact sockets, as well as standard sizes of 1/4" 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4". They also make compatible socket rails for handy storage.

Sealey also manufacture a range of ratchet spanners and combination spanner sets. Their adjustable spanners are ergonomically designed, heat treated and easy to use, ideal for plumbing, electricians and other trades.

With the rise of Electrical Vehicles, Sealey have brought out a number of EV tools and have an existing range of VDE Tools and sets for electricians and EV mechanics out there. These electrical hand tools and EV safety kits will be a must-have in garages for the foreseeable future.

Keep all your measurements accurate with Sealey's range of measuring tools such as spirit levels, gauges, Vernier callipers, squares, and tape measures.

When all else fails you'll always have the persuador... The Sealey hammer range is broad and for a range of trade and automotive applications, such as the Sealey Slide Hammer, Face Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Claw Hammer, metal hammer, lump hammer, mallet, ball pein hammer or more.